"I was filled with fear about my recovery for an operation I'd had and was worried about my ability to care for my disabled husband. The doctor told me I had beat the record for the shortest stay in the hospital. When he asked what I had done to heal so quickly, I told him I had seen a hypnotherapist and she had provided me with a tape for anxiety relief, which I used in the hospital. He informed me that the next shortest stay had been by a 45 year old man and I am in my 70's! I still use my tapes, and afterward, I am full of energy and completely rested. Seeing Mary provided the answers to many problems. I would be lost without her support."

-Louise, Wenatchee, WA

"My husband and I knew that natural childbirth was the right choice for the birth of our daughter, but during the preparation time, I discovered that I was becoming more and more anxious about what level of pain I would experience. A friend recommended that I have a session with Mary Sharp to try and relieve my anxiety. During the taped session, Mary used the word pressure instead of pain when referring to the birth. I had a very easy labor and delivery. I don't characterize it as painful. The pushing of labor truly felt like pressure. Since then, I have recommended hypnotherapy to many pregnant women. Thank you Mary!"

-Angela, Quincy, WA 

"IT WORKS! The forkful of food stopped midway to my mouth and returned to the plate. I looked down in surprise, wondering what had just happened. Then, it hit me. My last session with Mary focused on weight loss. With no effort on my part, I ate only what I needed."

-Snadi Purcell, Librarian, North Central Regional Library, Wenatchee, WA

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